Technology Triumphs courses are ideal for young learners with SEND, those with high levels of anxiety which prevent them from accessing schools, home educated students, excluded young people and those who struggle with traditional academic subjects and who wish to pursue a more vocational career. The absence of deadlines, mean the learner does not feel pressured and can work at their own pace.

The online provision of Ofqual-approved Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications, coupled with online support and tutorial from specialist teachers, allows TT to be fully inclusive to all learners regardless of their schooling, location or ability.

Each learner is assigned a qualified assessor, who has been enhanced DBS checked, that provides written feedback and guidance upon the submission of each workbook, allowing the learner to revisit and finetune their work.

Whilst TT has been privately funded by the learners’ families in the past, business enquiries and independent studies have shown that the appetite for remote online provision is ever increasing and relevant to young learners across the country.

A report by the Children’s Commissioner in 2019, found that almost one in five children left education at the age of 18 in 2018 without basic qualifications (Level 2 attainment or five GSCEs grade 9-5). The rise in 2018 was driven by a sharp increase in the proportion of pupils receiving Free School Meals (FSM) failing to achieve these targets.

The statistics showed that 98,799 children (18% of all of those leaving school at 18 years) did not attain the basic Level 2 qualifications. Of these 18%, 37% were pupils who received Free School Meals and 45% were SEN children.

This means that thousands of young people are leaving education without the necessary qualifications to begin certain apprenticeships or start technical or academic courses.

The COVID pandemic from 2020, brought with it many other challenges and the negative impacts of lockdown are still being seen with the number of persistent “school avoiders” soaring ever since. There are now more than 100,000 children in England enrolled in schools who are absent from school more than they are in it. According to a Department for Education survey published in February 2022 by Her Majesty’s Inspectors** (HMI), anxiety was the reason most commonly cited by school leaders for higher-than-normal absence levels in 2021. The report warned that pupils’ worries were not always school-related. Sometimes they were linked to wider experiences during the pandemic, such as relatives becoming ill or stressed, or experiencing domestic violence or financial difficulties.

TT wish to expand their online provision to assist these children who for the reasons cited above are failing to attain these targets and/or are unable to engage with traditional school settings. TT is now starting to work with local authorities as an alternative provision provider in order to encourage these young learners to attain their Level 2 qualifications with the aim of moving on into higher education or apprenticeship schemes.

The remote online provision, structure and content of the courses ensures that the provision is fully inclusive to all learners including those with SEN.

For further information on how Technology Triumphs may be able to support your learners, please get in touch for an informal chat.