FREE Visual, Creative Maths course

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As of 2022, we have an exciting Maths provision at Technology Triumphs and the best bit? ... 

It is completely FREE! 🤩 If you're familiar with us here at Technology Triumphs, you've probably already picked up on the fact that we genuinely care about helping young people fulfill their potential, in whatever way we can. 

This is why we are funding these live events, structured as a mini course, for home educating learners. 

Our maths specialist, Darren, hosted  a 6 week course focusing on Visual and Creative methods (well it had to be, didn't it 🤣). 

The course is aimed at learners that are working at KS1 to early KS2 or learners wanting to refresh and secure prior knowledge, while using free apps, games or activities in a non stress inducing manner. 

Darren, who home educated his own children, 💙's Maths and believes everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it too!  

Whilst this course ran as live events on our Facebook page, they are available to watch retrospectively.

If you are having any trouble gaining access to the course, please contact us via our Facebook page or email:

* Click here for Event link *