NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Creative Craft Cookery

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This qualification is designed for learners aged pre-16 and above who wish to develop skills and knowledge in cookery.

This course has been designed to be as affordable for families as possible and it is entirely possible to complete this qualification from a standard domestic kitchen.

Please note, this is not a GCSE but is a GCSE Level course which is why it is designed to span 2 years, although we offer complete flexibility on the timeframe that learners can complete within.

This qualification is a Level 2 Qualification and is Ofqual approved carrying 15 credits. Other examples of Level 2 qualifications are BTEC Level 2 and the Silver Arts Award. Feedback from our past learners shows that this qualiifcation is widely regarded as level to a grade A*-C/4-9 at GCSE standard when applying for college or work placements.

Please also note, that whether this course is recognised as a GCSE equivalent by colleges and further education establishments, can vary according to location, college and even between courses at the same college. If reliant on this qualification for entry onto another course, it is recommended that you establish with the college whether or not this will aid admission, before committing to the course.

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The following video explains in detail how the course works and what the course covers:

We don't impose any minimum or maximum ages on our learners as we recognise that every learner is an individual and is on their own unique learning journey. We believe, that their adult facilitator is the best person to judge whether a learner is ready for a particular course, but to enable you to make this decision we provide a workbook, free for you to try.

Simpy email to request a free sample session.

We are also happy to advise you with this decision so do reach out to us if you would like our guidance on this.

As part of your Induction pack, your learner will receive a free apron to use within their course, but aside from this we have designed the courses to utilise as affordable as possible. The following is not an exhaustive list, but does highlight the main costs associated with the course.




Credit Value: 15                                                                                  

Total Qualification Time: 150 hours


1 Be able to use materials, tools and equipment to develop craft techniques 

1.1 Assess the properties of available materials for craft item(s) including the visual and tactile qualities 

1.2 Select materials, tools, equipment and techniques to support craft ideas and give reasons for choices 

1.3 Use appropriate tools and equipment for selected techniques 

1.4 Develop craft techniques, making effective use of materials, tools and equipment 

1.5 Maintain a safe working environment by ensuring safe use of materials, tools and equipment


1 Understand the market within a chosen craft area 

1.1 Explore enterprises within a chosen craft area 

1.2 Explain what makes them successful 

1.3 Describe the market(s) for chosen craft area 

1.4 Identify opportunities in chosen market(s) 

1.5 Explain the importance of listening to stakeholders when developing ideas 

1.6 Explain the importance of balancing risk against the potential reward of creative ideas 

1.7 Identify appropriate financial tools to support creative enterprising ideas 

1.8 Identify ways to market a creative product


2 Understand employment opportunities within a chosen craft area 

The learner can: 

2.1 Explore employment opportunities within a chosen craft area 

2.2 Describe the characteristics of an enterprising individual in a chosen craft area 

2.3 Identify own strengths and areas for development within a chosen craft area 

2.4 Produce an action plan for personal development/career aspirations 


1 Be able to develop craft ideas 

The learner can: 

1.1 Use a range of different sources to develop craft ideas 

1.2 Develop visual language to communicate craft ideas 

1.3 Use feedback and evaluation of own work to develop craft ideas 

1.4 Adapt craft ideas in response to feedback and evaluation of own work 

1.5 Select preferred craft idea giving reasons for 

1.6 Maintain a safe working environment


1 Be able to create and present final craft item(s) 

The learner can: 

1.1 Use chosen idea to create a production plan

1.2 Use selected tools, materials, equipment and techniques to produce final craft work 

1.3 Display craft work in an appropriate way/setting 

1.4 Maintain a safe working environment 


2 Know how to evaluate the creative and craft making processes 

The learner can: 

2.1 Evaluate the creative process 

2.2 Review final craft item to identify opportunities for improvement or further development