Practical Pathways Level 1/2 English Functional Skills

Practical Pathways Level 1/2 English Functional Skills

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Course Costs

The total cost of the course including registration, remote invigilation, assessment and certification is:

Level 1: £300

Level 2: £325

An initial fee of £20 will need to be made in order to create a profile for your young person on our learning platform, SkillsBuilder. This can fee can be added as an additional payment to be paid alongside your first monthly payment. If you are booking onto both the Maths and English programmes, the total combined admin fee cost is reduced to £45.

The payments are then spread over 6 monthly installments of:

Level 1: £33.50 

Level 2: £37.50

Subscription will need to be set up via the booking system, Class for Kids (which is where you will also have made the initial registration)

You will be prompted to set this payment up in advance of the course starting.

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If at any point you wish to cancel your place on the course, you can. You are not obligated to complete the course in full. We require 3 working days notice in order to process a cancellation in advance of the payment day, which is the 1st of each month.

We cannot however retrospectively offer refunds on previous months, even if your learner has not utilised the tools provided, as this will have prevented another learner from enroling onto the course.

The final payment of £80 (£79 for Level 1) is set to cover the cost of the assessments. This will not be requested until we have discussed your learners progress and feel confident that they are ready to sit their assessments. 

We cannot register and book your learner onto their assessments until this fee has been paid.

Whilst a free resit is offered by NCFE for the assessment of another paper, this does not cover the cost of additional remote invigilation and we would therefore need to discuss this additional cost with you should you require it.

We utilise a great platform called Skills Builder to deliver our Functional Skills programmes

This platform allows us to share content, including video tutorials, individual learning plans and feedback. In built diagnostics alongside your tutors expertise, allow us to design a programme specific to the learner. 

Tasks are generated based on the areas that the learner needs to focus on with higher level tasks only being 'unlocked' once the learner has secured knowledge and is ready to move on. A whole bank of resources which have been designed by NCFE, specifically towards their Functional Skills qualifications, is in built within this system. 

Alongside this students will work towards the learning outcomes required within the qualifications via a variety of learning resources and set activities.

The course is designed for the learner to complete the assessments within 6 months. If learners are ready to sit their assessments before this time, it may be possible for them to do so.

If learners require more time, an additional 2 months of support is given on the programme included within the course cost. From month 9, in order to save a learners space within a tutor's cohort, an additional £20 monthly fee will need to be paid.

It is possible to continue using the Skills Builder platform to work through tasks already assigned without tutor feedback and support and this will mean that no additional costs are incurred.

Initial Assessment


All students interested in participating in either the Level 1 or 2 course, will need to complete a pre course screener.

The screener is split into sections to cover some of the topics within the Functional Skills syllabus. The assessment is aimed at level 1 to give you a good idea of the level expected. The pre screener is not formatted in the problem solving functional skills format and is aimed more at screening current knowledge and skills. We do not expect everyone to be working at level 1 right now so please do not worry if some of the questions are challenging, have a go and please do not worry. This is not a test but a tool to help us, and for you to judge if the course is right for your young person. 

Note: If you feel that your young person may require exam access arrangements to include readers and scribes or this is your normal way of working please make a note of any support you have provided within the pre screener. 

Once you are happy that your young person will find the course useful and enjoyable  and the pre screener has been completed, we will liaise with you about which course level we feel your learner should be working towards. Once you have booked and set up subscription for the initial payment, we will then be able to add your young person to the learning platform so that they can begin their initial assessments and diagnostics. When we arrive at this point we will send out instructions and details about this process and of course Roberta will be available on the phone should difficulties arise. Telephone support is an offering as part of the provisions, at pre determined times of the week.

When the students have completed their initial assessments and diagnostics we will have a much clearer idea on each students working levels and we will work with you to create an individual learning plan to cover the 6 months. This can be flexible and doesn’t need to be set in stone but will allow us to plan a little bit of structure and allow for future planning considering the staggering of mock assessments and external assessments.

Spaces on our Functional Skills courses are currently very limited - we are currently taking registrations for a 7th September start.

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