Technology Triumphs has been established since 2019 and is committed to helping young people to achieve creative qualifications as GCSE alternatives.
Founded and headed by a home educating parent, the company very much supports the right to Home Educate and is working to make "Creative qualifications accessible to all". Provisions have purposefully been designed to appeal to young people though there are no maximum ages imposed on any of our courses.

Whilst originally set up to serve the Home Educating community, it is not a requirement for booking. We really do believe creative qualifications should be accessible to all - whether you are attending school but didn't get your preferred GCSE options, were limited on the number of creative courses you could take, a mature learner who wants to add more qualifications to their C.V, or simply a creative that wants to develop their skills and knowledge in a subject that you are passionate about- all are welcome here.

Approved independently under the awarding body NCFE, the course structure enables learners to achieve formal qualifications in creative subjects, remotely without the need to attend an exam centre.
Learners are able to access affordable, high quality tuition and support from qualified teachers and work through the course content entirely at their own pace, removing many of the barriers that some families may face when facilitating qualifications for their young person.