Yes - absolutely!

Whilst our courses have been written for young people, and we suggest guidance ages, there are no minimum or maximum ages imposed.*

(due to Health and Safety our Level 3 qualifications have a minimum age of 15 at enrolment).

The company ethos is to make creative qualifications accessible to all and so we are inclusive of ALL learners, no matter their age.

Whilst our courses are not GCSE's, we do offer Level 2 qualifications that are comparable to GCSE's.
Our Level 2 qualifications are nationally recognised and carry either 15 or 16 credits (with a standard pass at GCSE carrying between 12 and 15 credits).
Because of this, in our experience, most colleges and workplaces will recognise our Level 2 qualifications alongside GCSE's.

Before booking, if you are seeking to utilise one (or more) of our qualifications in place of a GCSE for workplace or onward education purposes, we always recommend contacting the relevant admissions or HR department to confirm that they will recognise the qualification. Please do feel to reach out to us if you would like the full name of the qualification and code as well as the course specification pack.

Our prices remain the same for all learners. You will have access to the same level of support as our other learners and receive the same course content and correspondence.
The only difference is that we reserve entry to our end of term awards to children of school age only.
In short - No!
All of our courses are designed so that you need never attend in person.
The only online event we schedule is an Induction Zoom to discuss the technology we use, but even this is provided in a recorded format if you are unable to attend the live event.

The courses have been purposefully designed to be as flexible as possible so that you can fit it into your busy schedule - we impose no deadlines and even after your payment plan is complete you can continue to submit your work for assessment until your course is complete.