Absolutely - there is no requirement to be a home educating learner to make use of our provision and learners who might already be completing their qualifications in a school or college setting are quite welcome to join us.

Lessons are pre-recorded and the course is provided in full, meaning that you can access it at any point convenient to you.

For as little as £5 a week, not only could you be offering an extra curricular activity that could occupy your learner for 3-6 hours each week, but also one that gains them a nationally recognised qualification!

We know that there are often restrictions on the number of creative options that can be chosen in a school setting, which can be frustrating for creative learners.
With Technology Triumphs there is no restriction on the number of qualifications your learner completes with us. We have learners who complete as many as 5 Level 2 qualifications with us at the same time!

How many your learner completes is dependent on the amount of time they want to dedicate to their extra curricular learning (and even this allows flexibility due to no deadlines being imposed) and your budget.

All of our courses run on a no obligation payment plan so that if it any point you wish to cancel your course, payments are cancelled (with 3 working days notice) with no admin fee to pay. We even keep a record of payments made so that if at any point you want to return to the course, you simply pick up from where you left off!

Most workplaces and colleges will recognise our Level 2 qualifications alongside GCSE's. What a great way to improve your young persons job or onward educational journey prospects.

It can be increasingly difficult for a young person to set themselves apart from their peers when applying for work or college placements. Being able to say that they have completed an additional qualification, independently from their required school studies should have a positive impact on their opportunities.

As work is portfolio assessed with no end point exam you also need not worry about the outcome on 'results day'.
With no minimum starting ages on our Level 1 or 2 courses, it's also a great way to 'bag' some formal qualifications ahead of exam season even coming around 

Our qualifications are focussed on assessing skills and knowledge and we do not assess spelling, punctuation or grammar. Whilst the courses do require written responses, it is still the knowledge and grammar that is being assessed, so as long as our assessors can understand what it is your learner is trying to communicate, they will be able to hit the assessment objectives.

If your learner is a reluctant writer you may find that the course format appeals to them as the workbooks are designed to be typed onto rather than hand written. It is also acceptable for adult facilitators/parents, to scribe for their learners - providing that they do so in the learners own words.