Are these GCSE equivalent qualifications?

We are very careful not to say that these are GCSE equivalent qualifications (and you should be wary of any provider who does).
This is because whether a college recognises any non GCSE as equivalent to a GCSE can vary on your location, the college, the course applying for and even the year of enrolment.
For this reason, we always suggest phoning ahead to prospective colleges to ask if they would accept the specific qualification in place of a GCSE.
What we can report is an increasing number of learners feeding back that they have been successful in securing college placements with one or more of our qualifications acting in place of a GCSE.
Our 2022 survey showed that 88% of learners had been able to use their Technology Triumphs Level 2 qualification in place of a GCSE, with the other 12% of learners not yet being of an age to apply for college.

Are these courses suitable for young people?

These courses have been designed specifically for young people.
There are no minimum or maximum ages but we do suggest guidance ages for each course. If your learner is ready for the course, we are happy to support them on our provisions.

We have dietary needs - can my child still complete the Cookery qualification?

Yes! We hold flexibility at our core and whilst we provide suggested recipes, your learner is actually encouraged to deviate away from these and source or adapt recipes to suit any dietary need or preference.

I'm worried about my child being able to keep up - what happens if they miss deadlines?

We don't believe in deadlines!
We understand that every learner is an individual and on their own unique learning journey.
Whilst we can provide a suggested timeline if you are keen to receive certification by a certain date - your learner is free to work through the course at their own pace. This can also mean that they complete their course more quickly than the suggested timeframe.
There is no financial penalisation to taking longer than your payment plan - once you have completed your plan, payments will stop and you will still have full access to the course and support until your learner completes.

My child has PDA - I'm concerned that they won't want to follow stringent set tasks - have you got anything that might work for them?

We are passionate about ensuring that we make creative qualifications accessible to all.
For that reason we offer as much flexibility as is possible within our courses - with learners having the freedom to work through at their own pace, and with the ability to adapt tasks as they go.
So long as we are still able to see evidence of the assessment objectives being met, we don't mind how you approach the tasks and work closely with families who need support in adapting provisions for their learner.

My child has SEN and I don't think they will be able to access formal qualifications - can you help?

We firmly believe that every child should be given the same opportunity to achieve qualifications in creative subjects.
Our courses have no spelling and grammar assessed and can be completed with an adult scribing their answers if necessary - making these a great option for learners with dyslexia.
We work with a large number of families of which a high percentage of learners have different SEN.
We can adapt how evidence is compiled, work is assessed and how feedback is passed back to your learner.
If you have any doubt about whether or not we can cater for your learner - please get in touch. We absolutely make it our mission to ensure that every individual is seen and heard.

'm interested in some of your free provisions - do I have to be enrolled onto a paid for course to access these?

In short, we want to do whatever we can to help the Home Edding community, being that we are a part of it ourselves.
The free provisions are there to help anyone who can make use of them - so please feel free to check these out under 'Current Courses' and share with other families who might find these helpful.

Can you alleviate my concerns about paying for a course that my child might not like?

Feedback from our families is that their young person enjoys the format and delivery of our courses - but we know that it can be a lot to commit to without knowing for sure.
This is why we offer free sample sessions upong request for you to trial with your learner (just email us).
We also, offer a no quibble cancellation policy on our payment plan. If at any point, for any reason, you no longer wish to pursue the course, you can get in touch and we will cancel the payment plan (with 3 working days notice).
Even better - we offer a 'jump back in' policy - whereby if your circumstances change and your learner wants to return to the course, they simply pick up from where they left off with their work and payment plan.