KS1 Literacy

These programmes are designed to be completed in one academic year, however they offer flexibility to allow the learner to work through the content at their own pace.

The course will span 6 workbooks in total, designed to be completed one per each half term.

Each workbook is designed to cover 18 sessions (if following a school half term, 3 sessions per week).

Please note that these workbooks do not cover ALL concepts from the National Curriculum but do draw down from the N.C

KS1 Literacy Workbook 1

KS1 Literacy Workbook 2

KS1 Literacy Workbook 3

KS1 Literacy Workbook 4

KS1 Literacy Workbook 5

KS1 Literacy Workbook 6

Topics covered in this course:

Fiction 3 Little Pigs 

Looking at traditional tales we will explore roles and structures of familiar stories and retell the story of the three little pigs in our own unique way.

Instructions Recipes 

Looking at basic instructions using bossy (imperative verbs) and sequencing devices this unit will focus on creating written recipes with simple step by step instructions. 

Non Fiction-Information texts 

Report on animals - In this unit we will explore the style of information texts, with headings, subheadings and an introduction to paragraphs, to create a basic information text on our favourite animals. 


In an introduction to the conventions of writing informal letters we will explore various complexities of response letters, from thank you notes to holiday postcards and beyond. 

Persuasive Texts

 In this module, we will begin our journey in persuasive text creation by looking at holiday destinations and the vocabulary and style of a holiday brochure to introduce expanded noun phrases and persuasive vocabulary. Fiction 

Using a picture prompt this module looks at creative writing as you are guided through the steps of storytelling to create your own original fiction short story or chapter segment.