KS2 Literacy

These programmes are designed to be completed in one academic year, however they offer flexibility to allow the learner to work through the content at their own pace.

The course will span 6 workbooks in total, designed to be completed one per each half term.

Each workbook is designed to cover 18 sessions (if following a school half term, 3 sessions per week).

Please note that these workbooks do not cover ALL concepts from the National Curriculum but do draw down from the N.C

KS2 Literacy Workbook 1

KS2 Literacy Workbook 2

KS2 Literacy Workbook 3

KS2 Literacy Workbook 4

KS2 Literacy Workbook 5

KS2 Literacy Workbook 6

Topics covered in this course:


Traditional Macbeth - Using the events of Shakespeare's play we explore writing action scenes and developing descriptions of characters and settings. Included will be some poetry work based on the visuals of the blasted heath

Instructions Games 

Taking inspiration from favourite games and pastimes we will look at writing step by step instructions for game rules, building our understanding of adverbials of time and imperative verbs. 

Non Fiction

Recounts World War one - Looking at real-world history we will write recounts of key events using expanded noun phrases, concentrating on adding detail to our descriptions and using multiple sources for factual information. 

Letters Asking for Help

Using fictional and real-world charities we will be looking at using skills from the persuasive text's model to write formal letters asking for assistance and contributions focussing on formal language, paragraph building and advanced letter conventions. 

Persuasive Texts Advertisements

In this module, we will design our own product and use persuasive writing techniques to create print, audio and video advertisements. 

Fiction Picture Prompt

In this module you will be taken through the creative processes in writing your own piece of original fiction from a picture prompt, from character and setting creation, through plot development to the finished piece.