KS3 Literacy

These programmes are designed to be completed in one academic year, however they offer flexibility to allow the learner to work through the content at their own pace.

The course will span 6 workbooks in total, designed to be completed one per each half term.

Each workbook is designed to cover 18 sessions (if following a school half term, 3 sessions per week).

Please note that these workbooks do not cover ALL concepts from the National Curriculum but do draw down from the N.C

KS3 Literacy Workbook 1

KS3 Literacy Workbook 2

KS3 Literacy Workbook 3

KS3 Literacy Workbook 4

KS3 Literacy Workbook 5

KS3 Literacy Workbook 6

Topics covered in this course:


Hound of the Baskervilles - This module will look at deeper character analysis and motivations as well as more sophisticated world-building to create compound and complex sentences that demonstrate more maturity and control of the writing process. 


This module will focus on the creation of a travel guide that incorporates all the advanced structures of instruction texts including lists, headings and subheadings, captions and detailed paragraph content to create a leaflet for exploring our favourite travel destinations. 

Non Fiction

Newspapers and reportage. With black history as our theme this module will focus on the style of newspaper writing, looking particularly and facts and bias, to create a journalistic recount of famous people from history. 


This module will look at formal letter writing with real-life applications as we explore the range and style of letters needed to market our own product to business in a 'dragon's den' style scenario. 

Persuasive Texts

This module will focus on exploring opposing points of view and creating a balanced argument, with both a pro and con version of a hot button topic, culminating in creating a recorded speech to convince an audience of your stance. 


 In the culmination of our learning journey in the wide variety of literacy skills we will take a picture prompt and, with guidance, utilise all the skills built on the course so far to create an original short story.