KS3 Maths

These programmes are designed to be completed in one academic year, however they offer flexibility to allow the learner to work through the content at their own pace.

The course will span 6 workbooks in total, designed to be completed one per each half term.

Each workbook is designed to cover 18 sessions (if following a school half term, 3 sessions per week).

KS3 Maths Workbook 1

KS3 Maths Workbook 2

KS3 Maths Workbook 3

KS3 Maths Workbook 4

KS3 Maths Workbook 5

KS3 Maths Workbook 6

Please note that these workbooks do not cover ALL concepts from the National Curriculum but do draw down from the N.C

Topics covered in this course:

Concept of Numbers

 This module concentrates on more advanced problem solving and flexibility of thinking when looking at mathematics and 'playing' with numbers. 

4 Operations 

More advanced problem solving using all the main operations will be covered in this module with both formal and informal methods explored including work with decimal place value around money. 


 This module will look at the equivalency of fractions as well as looking at more complex problem solving involving mixed fractions with different denominators. 


By the end of this module we will look to be able to tell the time to the minute and using a 24 hr clock as well as solve more advanced problems to do with the passage of time introducing concepts such as decades, millennia, BC etc. 

Measurements and data collection In this measurements module we will look at working with mixed amounts and conversion as well as more sophisticated methods of data collection and presentation such as line graphs. 


This module will focus on measuring 2 and 3d objects with area and volume as well as measuring angles and looking at the nets of 3d shapes.