Technology Triumphs has been established in order to create an alternative provision of education that can result in formal qualifications for young people.

Technology Triumphs has a creative focus whilst making provisions for students who may need other formal qualifications to enter the world of work or further education.

Where we are unable to directly provide the courses and qualifications needed by individuals, Technology Triumphs seeks to provide advice and guidance to students and their parents for the most direct link onto their next step.


We believe that Technology Triumphs can provide home educated families with affordable access to formal qualifications outside of a school setting, that suits a variety of learners. We are committed to providing formal qualifications that will aid students in their learning journey.

Our aims can be summarised in 3 points:

  • To provide remote access to creative learning and tuition support for home educated learners.
  • To provide the opportunity for home educated children to achieve formal qualifications they might otherwise not have the opportunity to complete.
  • To advise and guide students and parents on ‘next steps’ in order that every child is given the best opportunities to realise their long term goals.

Vision Statement

We will strive to make Technology Triumphs a place where tutors and parents work together to ensure children receive a rich, inspiring, dynamic and engaging enrichment towards formal qualifications, alongside the education already provided by the parents in their right to choose to home educate.